• Hungry for Books?
    We are A library, With a Cafe and Activity
    Centre in the neighborhood of Baner,
    Balewadi and Pashan
  • Hungry for Books?
    We are A library, With a Cafe and Activity
    Centre in the neighborhood of Baner,
    Balewadi and Pashan

About Bookkad

"We are "The Bookkad". We are a Library. More, a library with a Cafe and an Activity Centre in the neighbourhood of Baner, Balewadi and Pashan."

If you are a voracious reader, this is your den!
Our gigantic collection of books will ensure you stay hungry and keep filling your cup of knowledge. As a parent, the best way to enlarge your childs' word, vocabulary and knowledge is to arm your child with a book. For someone wisely said, " Today a reader, tomorrow a leader."
We have a vast range of books for all ages in English, Marathi and Hindi. We have magazines and many coffee table books to keep you engaged.
If you are a group of professionals who want to refresh those great management lessons from the best sellers, if you want to brainstorm and ideate, relax, read or eat, Bookkad is the place for you!
So, Come to us. See, explore and travel the world from the eyes of our books. Enjoy our hospitality, Enjoy our food.


Reasonable membership fees.

Huge collection of books, More than 5000 of all Genres and every aspect of life.

A fully functional Cafeteria and dedicated reading space.

Interesting learning Activities for kids in our activity centre like Robotics and Creative coding, Chess, Drawing and painting, Public speaking, English language skills, Handwriting and much more.

Independent access to the cafeteria for non members.

Weekend workshops - Book Reading, Storytelling, Discussion topics etc…

Summer camp for kids

Ample Parking

Dedicated spaces for families to unwind and spend quality time amongst books.

What people say?

Place with a calm freshness. A good change. Highly recommended for people hungry on Books.

Jaison Abraham ( The Bookkad Member)

What people say?

To re-kindle the BOOK reading habit we are fast losing!....
Welcome aboard the BOOKKAD 'karwa'...an awesome place to re-kindle that reading fire in.you minus the 'KINDLE' coupled with a hot coffee if you like, n a cozy corner....

Nitin Bhangale (Bookkad Member)

What people say?

Young minds need the space, time and direction to grow and evolve.
We grew up amidst books, reading and learning about the world ,experiencing the unexplored.
Here is an opportunity, space and wonderful corner for kids, youngsters to rekindle the love for books and other recreational ventures.
Located in Baner , this newly started venture TheBookkadindia of Teena Kadoo alongwith her friend has every inch of that library, café and centre which you have been looking for.
Whether it is a small book event, reading session, workshops, classes or anything more, drop in at the THE BOOKKAD INDIA.you will love the space and ambience.
They have quite a number of activities going around for kids. Do check if you happen to be in this area.

Soumya Mohanty Vilekar (Writer, Poet, Blogger and Producer)

What people say?

Great place with good vibes for book readers . All sort of books are here , one can read fiction , non-fiction, Biographies etc...

Abhishek Rana (The Bookkad Member)